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Fastgolds provides gold, professional power leveling, TCG Loot Cards, Items and CD keys for World of Warcraft. More than 7 years experience ensures fast and stable SSE Team deliveries, and a reliable and good reputation in this industry. More than 100,000 customers choose us as their MMORPG virtual goods supplier. Even some of our opponents choose us as a partner to supply them with gold and items!


Our Features

Details Fastgolds
100% Secure
Professional leveling staff, local IP address, handmade Leveling, are the advantages we offer to ensure maximum safety of the customer's account.
100% Satisfaction
Customers can customize their personal Leveling service and progress. All orders will be formulated in accordance to our start and end time. It is most important that all the items in the customer account are properly preserved.
100% Professional
Since 2006, we have cooperated with a professional Leveling studio, since then, all our clients' accounts on Leveling are managed by professional, trained Leveling personnel to ensure the security of your account and professional services delivery.
100% Refund
Customers may request to terminate the order at any given time, we will refund on the unfinished portion. In the Leveling process, whether there is any guide for customer meetings, as long as our customer service personnel certification is involved, we will send a refund.